Wednesday, June 20

Cottage Garden 3

Yesterday we got some rain! This is very big news, as it has been so dry for so long here. We have huge fissures running around our front yard from the drought. Awhile back it was even affecting our foundation, as we had cracks running around the ceiling and along the corners of rooms. Two doors in our house wouldn't even close as the foundation had shifted enough to affect this even. So the rain was such a welcome relief to this thirsty ground.

A few months ago, David cleaned out the gutters so rain wouldn't wash out my seedling plants. Now, the plants are huge, but the gutters ran over again. One tomatoe plant and several zinnias were trounced, and my precious topsoil dirt that I labored over putting in my beds was washed across the sidewalk into the lawn. So I spent an hour or so trying to help the poor plants stand back up.

My tomatoe plants have grown another foot, I'm almost certain. They are full of blossoms and green tomatoes. They're taller than the stakes now, so I'm running out of something to tie them to.

Recently while visiting family in Michigan, we perused through several local nurseries with my aunt. (Michigan nurseries are to die for, in my opinion, after the small ones I frequent here.) I bought more than a fair share of plants, and so did Mum and my aunt. Somehow in all the buying, after Mum and I left, my aunt found some Glad bulbs that she thought were mine, so she mailed them to me. After she sent them, she realized they were her's, but she told me to keep them and get them in the ground right away. I finally did this afternoon. She wouldn't tell me what colors they are, as she wants me to be surprised. Yikes! (I'm a planner, so she's really messing with my brain.) So we shall see what we come up with.