Sunday, January 18

Shampoo and Conditioner

My family teases me that I'm part Hippie.  I have to say, I'm convinced that there are some great things attached to the Hippie name, and one of those that I really appreciate is the desire to be more "green".  When I look at the ingredient list of most store-bought items (food and otherwise), I'm appalled at the length and non-pronounceability of the words!  So when I recently started using essential oils, it was a no-brainer to seek out recipes for making my own cleaning products with just a few ingredients.  I came upon recipes for shampoo and conditioner, ran to my health food store to buy a couple of ingredients, came home, and whipped this up in lickety-split time:

My girlie likes to help with my fun projects, so I put her to work making some "bling" to go around the neck of each jar to help differentiate the shampoo from the conditioner.  (They look a lot alike otherwise!)

"C" for Conditioner

"S" for Shampoo.

I found the jars at Marshalls, and they're perfect for dispensing the products!

After washing my hair yesterday, I felt that it was a bit "heavy", even greasy feeling.  So today I made some more (just adding more to the jars, as the recipe doesn't make a huge batch), and I used less carrier oil in the conditioner, as well as a little less essential oil.  We'll see if that does the trick.  It certainly smells nice!  And I'm Hippie enough that if that doesn't do the trick, I'll stick with it anyway just 'cause I like being more "green".