Monday, June 25

Felt Baby Shoes

Well, I think I'm on to a new venture: making things with the intent to sell.

I have admired baby shoes for a long time (even though I appreciated my own children's feet best in their natural/naked state), and recently found a style that I really like: felt or felted (knitted) baby shoes. Considering that knitting will take considerably more time, I am currently opting for the felt baby shoes.

Today I went to my local fabric store and bought several different shades of felt and a few buttons. I have gobs of ribbon. (We used to live near a ribbon outlet store. -- What fun I had there!) So I am in business. Soon. Wish me luck!

Furniture Painting

I'm actually doing it! -- Painting our china cabinet. We bought it approximately 4 years ago, and it's spent that whole time in its unfinished state. Initially I'd planned on staining it, but after sitting in the sun (partially) and getting the wood "tanned" in some spots, but not others (i.e. the back of the inside of the cabinet has six rings of white in it: where my six plates have sat for the past 4 years), we decided staining sounded like too much work. So, since I love French Country for my dining room, I decided black sounded like a good option. Plus, it will really make my china stand out.

The poor cabinet has been in the garage since last August following a commitment to not bring unfinished furniture into our house, and it is now time to thin out the kitchen cupboards by painting the cabinet! So last night I removed the doors and shelves and primed the cabinet shell. This morning I painted it, and sadly discovered that it will need another coat. The garage is WAY too hot and humid to work in anymore today, so it will wait for tomorrow morning for the second coat. David brought a dollie home from work in the event that tomorrow afternoon sometime we should be hauling it into the house. Over the next few days I'll get the shelves and doors painted as well, and then post a picture.

Blogging is good for keeping your commitments to yourself, if no one else! Ha!