Monday, March 3

Spring is Coming!

I don't think much could thrill my soul more than the little bits of green that I see poking out of tree and shrub, and pushing aside the dark earth. Equally exciting is the weather being warm enough to enjoy a close-up look, and tearing out the weeds that have filled in a lot of that dark earth.

I spent the morning at a local nursery getting some much-needed help. I am too embarrassed to show you how bad my flowerbed currently looks. Maybe I'll get brave and show the "before" pictures once I have an "after" picture to go along with it, so you know how much it improved.

Too late I realized that I shouldn't try to make my foundation bed a perennial garden. Currently I have overgrown lavender and rosemary in it, as well as a hydrangea that gets cooked in summer's heat; echinacea, clematis, and hollyhocks that look good but are poorly placed; and struggling echinops ritro.

So, it is time to move some stuff, and then cover up that ugly cinderblock foundation with some shrubs. The nursery man told me to draw out my bed's dimensions, adding in what's currently there, and take some pictures. He'll help me from there. -- Thanks!!! -- I need all the help I can get!

So, till there's something good to show you, think of me pulling weeds, killing ant mounds, and moving plants around in preparation for planting shrubs. Can't wait to see the improvement. -- Anything has to be better than how it currently is!