Friday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving

In anticipation of the Thanksgiving holidays, we have been reading about the Pilgrims' arrival to America, their meeting with the Indians, and the first Thanksgiving.  I am always moved by this story, my heritage, my country.  In celebration of this special day, we made some peg people Indians.  We each made one representing ourself.  This was a lot of fun!  Son enjoys shooting a real hand-made bow, and he was gifted with a beautiful quiver from Africa a few years ago.  So of course his peg person had to have a quiver and bow as well.  Daughter helped him with the quiver, and I made the bow from a toothpick.  Daughter crafted the feathers by cutting down larger feathers.  Husband's fish are little beads.  We are all quite happy to stop and smile at our Indians when we walk past them on the shelf.  :)

Happy Thanksgiving!