Thursday, February 14


Daughter's bedroom has bothered me for awhile, namely the unpainted trim. Inspiration struck, and I am now in the middle of completing a slew of details (finally painting the trim and doors, making a headboard, sewing curtains, making shelves above the windows, to name a few). Here are some treasures I've collected/made/received over the years that have inspired me in the evolution of Daughter's room:

An Auntie gave me the doll she played with as a child:

The dishes I played "tea" with as a child (with crackers, cheese, and raisins):

The dress Daughter wore home from the hospital, and for her dedication ceremony:

A local flea market find that I love, love, love:

A pomander I made from flowers grown in my garden last summer:

A baby quilt handmade by an Auntie for Daughter's birth:

A gift of nesting dolls for Daughter, brought home from Germany by Husband:

A tin teaset for Daughter's Christmas gift:

Another Christmas gift, a kitchen outfit, complete with "messy" dishes in the sink:


I'm working on finishing decorating my daughter's bedroom, and happened upon a picture in a magazine that inspired these dragonflies. After painting and glueing and taping and, and, and . . . they are now jauntily "flying" about Daughter's room, hung from the ceiling.