Tuesday, November 25

Blue Scarf

Ta-daaaaa!! The picture uploading thingy is working! Or, rather, I should say, we finally unplugged everything out of exasperation, plugged it all back in, and NOW the picture thingy works. Technology is just the cheekiest thing around, isn't it?!

Anyway, here's a scarf in progress from a month ago. It's done now, and quite delicate-looking. It's already been gifted.

Monday, November 10

And you thought I've been doing nothing while sitting on my duff for the past six months. Humph! Well, while not having much proof otherwise for you, I have been productive. Here's a small taste of what's been happening here.

This cupcake pattern came from Julie through Little Cotton Rabbits. (See link under my favorites.) When I saw these, I fell in love! Julie kindly printed a pattern shortly after I stumbled upon her blog site, and I was one of the proud first owners. Since then, I've been busily making these yummies:
Here it is, packed for the receiver:This is also compliments of Julie's blog site. I stitched it to a T-shirt:nd, once again, another pair of felted slippers (pattern compliments of Fiber Trends). I can't make them fast enough! Little beggars are out there. -- Big beggars, too! More to follow, no doubt!
If my computer will one day cooperate with me, I do have more to show you. Computer is just being obstinate and not wanting to upload in any timely fashion.