Monday, February 18


Today I made curtains for Daughter's room. I am so pleased with the results! Every time I go in her room, I feel completely restful and calm, yet energized. -- I absolutely love green and white together! Maybe because green is a sign of life, which I am so ready to receive in the form of Springtime. Anyway, here they are:

Not sure if I'm going to leave the tie-backs just like this, or if I'll come up with something else. For now, I still like it.

(Have I ever mentioned how I HATE, HATE, HATE hanging curtain rods? Seventeen EXTRA holes later, and the rods are up. Strange, I always thought the framing studs ran vertically; the ONLY stud I found ran horizontally about 4 1/2 inches above my window frame, thus determining the curtain's length. Good thing I was satisfied with this height!)