Thursday, March 13

Nursery and Mail-Order Plants

I recently put in an order through Spring Hill Nursery for some more plants. (I ordered from them last year, and was pleased with the results, so decided to try it again.) Soon after ordering, three hydrangeas (one red and two purple), a butterfly bush, 3 rudbekia, and 1 monarda arrived in the mail looking small but healthy. Now, about a week later, they have leafed out an incredible amount, and are literally lunging in growth by the day! I am so pleased!

Hands down, hydrangeas are my 'most favoritest' flower! I hope to own one of each (of which I'm learning there are hundreds, at least) someday. :) I just love their colors: not shockingly vivid, although some are close to that, but . . . I don't know, just softly pleasant to view. . . . Love 'em!

I also saw Jim at my local nursery. What a help he was!!! I spent at least an hour with him, discussing the pros and cons of plants appropriate for my problem-spot garden, and soaking up all the garden knowledge I could. I came home with a few plants, plus wrote down all the ones he recommended. I'll be sitting down with my graph paper and figuring out where I'll fit all these beauties in. Can't wait to have something good to show you!

But first, I've gotta start hacking at my clay. Groan!! I need to move not only my hydrangea from the front around to the back of my house, but also the lilac that is now quite big. Oh, my achin' back, here we come!