Friday, January 28

Vintage Button and Repurposed Linen Pillow

I've a growing love for linen fabric. I used to despise it because it wrinkled as soon as I finished ironing it. But now I've decided comfort trumps a few wrinkles. In the past year, I've bought several pairs of linen slacks from my local thrift store, and have reveled in their comfortableness whenever I've worn them. After perusing several Scandanavian blogs (you can find them in my list of favorite blogs), I've been even further struck by the simple beauty of this fabric. It's richness in texture makes me want to touch it, and even a solid color feasts my eyes.

My living room's simple decor has been in need of a facelift for a very long time, but due to my lack of vision for what to do with it, I've done, well, nothing. But since my linen fetish fiend, I've dreamt up all kinds of ways to use this in my living room. And here's the first thing I've completed:

I repurposed a linen shirt from my local thrift store, cutting the back out and turning it into the pillow's front cover.

These vintage buttons have been kicking around the house for YEARS. I LOVE buttons, but I never knew what to actually DO with them. (That, or I didn't find the time to do anything with them.) But here I think they've been put to good use. I sewed them on with DMC floss, so it really didn't take much time at all.

Another view. I love these buttons!

For the back of the pillow, I cut the front of the shirt up, and utilized the button placket for easy removal of the cover. I quite like how it turned out.

And now, hopefully it will not be another (nearly) year before I show you my next project to spice up my living room.