Friday, April 18

Seed Planting

Since I am going for English Cottage Garden look, I filled in all the empty spaces of my garden planting (from yesterday) with seeds, and LOTS of them.
Batchelor's Buttons
Shasta Daisies
and at least one other one that I've forgotten

A few mornings ago, Daughter and I planted 50 peat pots with two seeds each of various other seeds -- vegetables and flowers. So if the seeds don't grow in my garden, I have another alternative growing in my kitchen.

Aside from 1): weed killer drifting on the wind from my husband's attempts to kill weeds along the rock edging, decidedly burning large portions of several of my perennials and 2): an incessant problem of over-spilling eves every time it rains no matter how frequently husband cleans the gutters, thus necessitating that nothing be planted along the foot and a half right next to the house unless I want it trampled to shreds . . . (Whew!) the garden on the right of the house is done . . . for now. There always IS more that COULD be done.Now I'll sit and nibble my nails and frequently pace the front porch as I eagerly anticipate the emergence of hundreds of green shoots.

And poor Dear Husband will have multiple tours of the garden for each green shoot that appears.

By the way, some exciting discoveries: the kiwi vine that I thought died in last summer's drought is loaded with leaves (although portions of the vine are truly dead) and several buds. Could we actually be growing kiwis? How can I make sure we get to eat them (and not the birds or coons)?Also, my clematis has gone wild and is already running along the top of my wall under the eaves. And the weigela is blooming!

A new and happy discovery is a second snowball bush. Dear Husband gave the first one a massive "haircut" quite some time ago, lopping off all the gorgeous blooms and leaving me stammering in horror. Then last spring's frost hit and totally finished it off. So this spring, after realizing there was no hope, I cut it off at the base. Would you believe some suckers are attempting to revive the old plant?! But then the second bush bloomed and totally surprised me! This, after I bought two more bare root ones. -- A happy mistake.
A sad fact: my mis-placed lilac is loaded with beautiful green leaves, but no flowers or signs of flowers. The leaves will soon be scorching and curling in summer's heat. I didn't get it moved soon enough this spring; will have to wait till fall, I suppose.