Thursday, September 25

Best Use of a Ball of String

I started out knitting twelve years ago with a chip on my shoulder against crocheting.  I don't know why.  Knitting looked harder, and I wanted the challenge.  Pretty lame.  So I learned to knit, and learned to pick up dropped stitches (sort of), and then I got busy with life and decided something less of a challenge would be nice.  I didn't need to stress over dropped stitches anymore.  So I started looking online at patterns, and went down the rabbit trail to Amigurumi.  Yeah, I told you I like a challenge.  I found this really cute pattern for a bunny rabbit, and picked up a leftover ball of string and a tiny crochet hook.  The pattern was really pretty easy, as it was more like knitting than crocheting (sort of), but in my driven way, I ended up with a numb fingertip due to my unique way of holding that crochet hook.  Anyway!  Here is the product of that sweet pattern, with a tweak only to the legs.  (I made them straight rather than bent like the pattern showed.)  Thanks for the sweet pattern, Askina!