Sunday, June 24

Cottage Garden 5

I can't exacly say I'm proud of how my garden looks, as it's half tomatoe bed and half baby perennials, but I'm going to post what it looks like now so I can see the changes as they develop. I have a vision in my head for what I want it to look like, so that's what matters, right? (And if I can make it happen, I guess.) These are some of the perennials and annuals that are brightening a corner of the garden.

To the left of my porch, the tomatoes are bushy and quite tall (about 5 feet):

My clematis is growing, slowly but surely.


Blue Sage

Hydrangea (that's supposed to be blue!)

The tomatoes to the right of the porch are tall and spindly.

My much-prized Russian Sage

Tomatoe clusters

A great find the other day were these hollyhocks, growing along the fence between our's and our neighbor's house. I LOVE hollyhocks, but didn't think they'd grow well here. These proved me wrong! Yeah! So guess what I'll be planting more of along the fence?

On our back porch, I planted a number of plants in this large pot: Dahlia bulb, zinnias that I'd thinned out and transplanted from the front flowerbeds (and they actually took off!), ageratum, and alyssum.

I love the color and the "fluff" of these ageratum. They are annuals, but I just discovered that Bluestone Perennials has a perennial form of ageratum. It looks the same as these, but I get to KEEP them!

A zinna about to bloom. I have no idea what color this will be, as I planted from seed dark purple, light purple, dark pink, light pink, and lime green. Can't wait to see it! Although I planted all my zinnias at the same time, they are all growing at different rates. Some are 3 feet tall with buds; others are 3 inches tall. They've also migrated through and out of my flowerbed due to a couple heavy rains and heavy waterings that washed the seeds around. Oops!


Heidi said...

Looks nice...Did you get rain today?

Kristen said...

We got 1/2". Most of the plants held up pretty well, too, since I got them staked. I see bare roots from where the soil got washed off, though. Grrr!