Monday, June 25

Felt Baby Shoes

Well, I think I'm on to a new venture: making things with the intent to sell.

I have admired baby shoes for a long time (even though I appreciated my own children's feet best in their natural/naked state), and recently found a style that I really like: felt or felted (knitted) baby shoes. Considering that knitting will take considerably more time, I am currently opting for the felt baby shoes.

Today I went to my local fabric store and bought several different shades of felt and a few buttons. I have gobs of ribbon. (We used to live near a ribbon outlet store. -- What fun I had there!) So I am in business. Soon. Wish me luck!


Aly said...

hey let me know if you need anymore ribbon. I could box up like three bags full : ). can't wait to see them

Kristen said...

Actually, I was going to ask you if next time you go to the outlets, you could get me some. Narrow-ish, especially, unless you find some opaque ribbin that's wide. That could be really cute.