Monday, June 18

Photography 1

My mother has an apparatus for cutting her own matting for pictures. She and I have assembled a lot of our own pictures by using this. We find frames at various flea markets and tag sales for 50 cents to a couple dollars, and then cut our own mats to complete the picture.

Recently, David's mother snapped a photo of our family that I had blown up to poster size through Winkflash. (See my links. I use them for all my photo needs. Best prices, that I've found: 12c per 4x6 with 99c flat-fee shipping rate. Even the poster was only $9.95.) Tonight Mum helped me cut a double mat for the picture and I popped the whole thing into a $2.00 flea market frame. I have to buy glass and backing still, but it's already up on my mantle. I am very pleased with the results.

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