Saturday, October 27

Zinnia Pillow

We've had too much going on at our house, thus the lengthy pause in blogging.

My husband and I had a fabulous 10-year anniversary celebration at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. (We backpacked in, and spent three nights in the canyon.) Awesome experience, and a 10-year dream fulfilled for both of us.

The weather has been dry, dry, dry. My poor garden! I've hardly touched it in over a month, as it's been too discouraging to put the effort into something that might not make it, anyway. Amazingly, some things have kept on blooming even though the ground is cracked wide open with fissures of drought. Other plants definitely need to go!

Since the outdoor garden isn't doing much, I've been working inside. My family decided to go "homemade" with gifts for Christmas this year. Awhile back, I found the cutest pattern for a decorative pillow at my local quilt shop, and upon showing my mom, she squealed in delight and begged to borrow it, whereupon I plied her brain till I found out what she would make when she got the pattern, and I made it for her myself. The pattern is by Amy Butler. (See her blog under my Favorite Links, to the left.) Anyway, I thought it turned out really cute. I'd love one for my own bed, but my husband balked at that. "Too girly foo-foo." So maybe I'll make it for my daughter's bed. -- Like she doesn't have enough pillows! Anyway, here it is:

And a close-up:

Thanks, Amy, for the inspiration! You've made a happy customer.


Charles & Kiersten said...

Once again Kristen I love it!!!! It looks absolutely perfect.


Kristen said...

Thank you! I love giving a gift that I would love to keep for myself, and this fits in that category.

I have some cream-colored raw silk that my sis-in-law sent from Thailand that I'm thinking would look really nice in this pattern. . . . Someday. :)