Sunday, January 20

Slippers for Me

Over Christmas, I knitted these up for myself:

I love the accent yarn around the top. -- Quite different.


The Knecht Family Four said...

Anxiously awaiting tomorrow's lesson...

Lisa, Ken, Meaghan and Matthew said...

These are very cute. Would love to know where you found the pattern and cute yarn. I may just have to try felting.


American Swede said...

Thanks, Lisa! They're very warm, if you appreciate warm feet. :)

The pattern is by Fiber Trends, called "Family Classic Felt Slippers". I ordered it over ebay, but many specialty yarn stores (not your chain stores) sell Fiber Trends patterns.

The yarn was from A.C.Moore or Tuesday Morning. I've seen similar yarns at Hobby Lobby as well.

Lilla Blanka said...

Very cute slippers..!