Monday, February 18


Today I made curtains for Daughter's room. I am so pleased with the results! Every time I go in her room, I feel completely restful and calm, yet energized. -- I absolutely love green and white together! Maybe because green is a sign of life, which I am so ready to receive in the form of Springtime. Anyway, here they are:

Not sure if I'm going to leave the tie-backs just like this, or if I'll come up with something else. For now, I still like it.

(Have I ever mentioned how I HATE, HATE, HATE hanging curtain rods? Seventeen EXTRA holes later, and the rods are up. Strange, I always thought the framing studs ran vertically; the ONLY stud I found ran horizontally about 4 1/2 inches above my window frame, thus determining the curtain's length. Good thing I was satisfied with this height!)


Laura said...

Your house should be featured in a magazine! You are amazing. I wish you could come shop with me and help me decorate my house!

Annalunda said...

Green and white... really nice...! Just wanted to say hi from Sweden... where from Sweden were your ancestors?


Patricia said...

The apple green is perfect with the dotted swiss. Very pretty!

RANA said...

Vackra bilder. Jag älskar vitt och grönt. Allt gott! /Rana