Saturday, March 22

What Is It?

This is the happiest item we unearthed yesterday, in all our thrashing of underbrush. Minus a few blossoms that got knocked off, it looks pretty good, but the question remains: What is it?

The thin tree bears delicate flowers of light pink color, with a dark pink cluster of stamens (??? -- Forgive me! I don't remember my floral anatomy from college A&P) in the center. Leaves are bright green, with one point at the tip, from what I can tell, as they are barely opening up.

Thanks for any help with identification!


Dan said...

From your photo I would say that this tree is a member of the "prunus" genus (plums, apricots, nectarines, peaches, almonds). My guess would be Prunus persica which is the tree species for both Peach and Nectarine (both cultivars of the same species). Tree Species

American Swede said...

Thank you so much for your comment! Since requesting your identification help, I got on UBC Botanical and also asked for help. They were giving me similar responses. So now I will wait to see what kind of fruit it bears so I can determine its name for sure. :) Thank you again so much for your help. This has been a fun project.

Kristen said...

Kristen... Uncle Tom and My vote is that it is an Azalea. Have a great day!