Sunday, May 4


For privacy's sake, I don't like to share pictures of people's faces on this blog; however, I wanted to share how the graduation photo shoot went that I did. Since all you can see of this guy's face is one eyeball, I decided it was safe to share. :) It also happens to be one of my favorite shots for artistry's sake. Shooting for the graduation was a lot of fun, although nerve-racking in the church sanctuary. The ceiling is so pitched that any flash you bounce up to it is lost in the space. Even shooting the flash directly at the person is of no use hardly. So that part was frustrating. However, the shots I got outside prior to the event turned out great, as did the ones during the reception. And, seeing the photo CD from previous years made me feel pretty good. -- Everyone has a difficult time getting photos in the church sanctuary.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this project, and look forward to learning more and improving my skills.

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