Monday, November 10

And you thought I've been doing nothing while sitting on my duff for the past six months. Humph! Well, while not having much proof otherwise for you, I have been productive. Here's a small taste of what's been happening here.

This cupcake pattern came from Julie through Little Cotton Rabbits. (See link under my favorites.) When I saw these, I fell in love! Julie kindly printed a pattern shortly after I stumbled upon her blog site, and I was one of the proud first owners. Since then, I've been busily making these yummies:
Here it is, packed for the receiver:This is also compliments of Julie's blog site. I stitched it to a T-shirt:nd, once again, another pair of felted slippers (pattern compliments of Fiber Trends). I can't make them fast enough! Little beggars are out there. -- Big beggars, too! More to follow, no doubt!
If my computer will one day cooperate with me, I do have more to show you. Computer is just being obstinate and not wanting to upload in any timely fashion.


Connect 4 said...

Thank you from the proud recipient!! :)

Flowers said...

Blue scarf and blue socks looks wonderful. Is it available for sale and what is the cost?