Sunday, November 11

Fulled Knitted Slippers

Another Christmas project, these slippers were knitted from a Fiber Trends pattern. Knitted and fulled projects are by far my preferred knitted projects. (How's that for redundancy?) I am not one to sit, nightly, knitting the same project for a year. -- I am all about instant gratification, with an element of surprise added. Fulling provides both, since I knit double-strand with large needles (I completed one slipper in about 3 hours.), and then throw the project in the washing machine in hot water and wait to see the results. This one was quite the surprise, as no project has shrunk this quickly on me before!

Here are the slippers, before fulling:

At about 12 1/2 inches in length, the slippers make my feet look like they're swimming!

After one wash cycle (It usually takes at least three cycles.), they were nearly too small, so I dried them over a hard-soled slipper to stretch them back out a bit. Now they'll fit about perfectly.

They shrank a full two inches, down to 10 1/2 inches!

And now my daughter has informed me that the slippers I knitted and fulled for her two years ago are much too small, and she wants me to make her a new pair just like the last.

My local craft store is going out of business, so my daughter and I went and bought yarn for her new slippers. They're slightly different, but I think she'll be pleased with the results, as they're her favorite color.


CP said...

I have a crochet slipper pattern i'll be trying for my two boys for Christmas... My first time felting anything. Hope it goes half as well as yours did! Those fuzzy edges are nice.

Charles & Kiersten said...

Love those!!! I have always wanted to knit or crochet. It has always seemed to me like the perfect thing to do in the evening, when you are to tired to work hard and yet want to keep your hands busy.


Kristen said...

I'm going to knit Daughter some slippers, too. She actually picked out the yarn. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out.

Felting is really easy, just check it frequently. Hollar if you have questions.

I've slowly tried different novelty yarns with the wool, just for variation; it's interesting to see how it turns out. That fuzzy yarn may not look so good on boys' slippers, though. :)

And yes, Kiersten, I find this to be the perfect "wind-down" activity to a busy day. Having an excuse to sit is really nice! But it's hard for me to stop once I get going. So watch out if you start! :)

Kristi and Mark K. said...

Gorgeous slippers! My sister Julie and I just love them! We can't wait to get started on Christmas gifts for the family! Yippy!