Thursday, November 8

Years ago, David and I bought a bunch of unfinished furniture. Of course, we fully intended to paint or stain it, but that didn't happen and didn't happen. We've moved location multiple times since buying it, and always vow we WILL finish the furniture. However, it still gets put into the house and loaded up with goods in its unfinished state.

This time, though, we decided it wouldn't even find its way into our house till it truly WAS finished. We panned off our bedroom furniture to someone else and paid to get it done. It looks beautiful! But the other pieces, I decided I would do myself. So it has waited and waited in the garage.

Finally, a little over a year after we moved into our house, the china cabinet is finished and filled up with dishes. I am very happy with the results:

I love how our wedding china stands out inside.

I love it so much, that taking pictures of it was a lot of fun, thus more focus on the dishes than the cabinet. Oh, well. The cabinet's sole function is to show off the wedding ware, right?

When I was about to deliver our son, I saw a figurine of a father holding his newborn. I melted into tears at the tenderness of the sight. I bought it and tenderly presented it to David. I'm not sure he felt the same emotion that I did, but I placed it on his dresser. Since the move, I think it has become mine. It was joined by a mother holding a baby, and then, most recently, by two sistes sitting face-to-face talking, given to me by my sister for my birthday. Since we have a ball-throwing son, I decided the safest place for all of them was in the china cabinet. And I think they go so nicely here.


Beverly said...

we have those figurines here in Memphis and I have several. My friend of forty years gave me the one you have of the two girls sitting together. Glad you got your cabinet finished.

Kristen said...

Thanks for your comment! There IS someone out there reading my blog. Ha!

Those figurines are meant to make you get tears, I'm certain. So special to have a friend for 40 years!

Charles & Kiersten said...

It's beautiful Kristen!!! You are very inspirational. :-)


Charles & Kiersten said...

Right on! I like the look. Um, can I have it? PULLLLEEEEZE?


Kristen said...

To Charles: Ha! Ha! -- About having it, that is. Glad you like it. :)