Friday, January 18

New Look

I'm after a new look! What do you think of the new layout/background for my blog? I like the cleaner, less cluttered look of this layout, and I think it goes better with my blog title.

What do you think?

P.S. -- Pictures coming soon! I've been way too busy making, and doing no recording. Sorry!

Some hints to upcoming photos:

completed fulled slippers for Daughter (I've already posted the pre-fulled pics)
fulled slippers for me (!!! I don't usually make things for myself)
needle-felted pompoms for garland/ornaments
too-fulled knitted hat intended for Husband, passed on to Daughter or Son
current project of re-make fulled knitted Peruvian hat for Husband
current project of cute Noni hydrangea bag for me (I'm on a roll of making things for me!!)
current project of recycled sweater blankets

1 comment:

The Knecht Family Four said...

New look is more clean and it. Look forward to the pictures.