Saturday, January 19

Wool Delights

Ages ago, while looking at Noni patterns online, actually, I stumbled upon these sassy pom-poms. Being purely a knitter, I thought (for now) they were beyond me. I love working with wool, though, so decided that one day I would figure these little things out. "Imagine what one could do with them!" I thought.

Over Christmas, while visiting in the town of Hastings, Michigan, I was overjoyed to find "Lady Peddler" open! I have attempted visiting this store before, but their posted hours are anything but regular, so they were never open when I happened upon their store. This time, however, they were! My mother quickly realized she had lost her window shopping partner to several hours in here. She passed along some snacks she had in her pocket, and found another ride home, telling me to take my time. How lucky was I!

In the back of the store, behind all the beautifully hand-died alpacas and silks and wools, was a solid wall full of huge balls of roving wool. And in a corner were two sectioned boxes filled with small balls of roving wool, dyed every color of the rainbow. I instantly knew that I was headed down a new road.

I took a couple of small balls to the clerk, who also happened to be the owner of the store, and timidly asked a question or two. She was busily knitting away on a shawl-type garment that she was designing as she went. Clearly, she knew what she was doing. And now, besides being in just a most wonderful shop, I was at the feet of an incredible teacher. -- Things just kept getting better!

The lady peddler showed me what needle I needed, and gave a brief description of how to make the balls, and I have been off and running ever since. What fun!

I have to say, the little single-owner stores built into a house or row of quaint shops hold some of the best yarns and most valuable teachers! I wouldn't know half of what I know as a knitter today if it weren't for them. I've had some incredible mentoring.

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