Saturday, January 19

Noni Hydrangea Bag

This one's for me!!

I've been eyeing Noni patterns for quite some time. -- Over a year, at least. I love the details and the surprise "different-ness" of these fulled bags. They just nail a punch, in my opinion. So, a few weeks ago when Sister and I went exploring (and found) a local yarn shop, and I found this pattern, I knew it was coming home with me!

The bag itself was quick and easy to knit up. -- Took all of a few sittings while Son took his nap. The flowers, however, will be another story! -- Forty-one in all, if I read the pattern correctly. -- GROAN! Two took at least an hour, each. And I was hoping to have this bag ready for spring. -- Maybe next spring, at this rate.

It all will be fulled, and then there are all kinds of details to do to the bag as well, at least according to the pattern: lining, zipper, snazzy handles, even FEET to rest it on! This is one detailed bag!

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