Friday, February 19

Pillowcase Dress

I love cotton and other natural fabrics. I also love the pillowcase dresses. -- I've wanted to make one forever! Several months ago, while at my local quilt shop, I saw this funky, "alive" fabric. It was swirly-flowery and super colorful. Colorful enough that if spaghetti was dropped on it, it would be difficult to be noticed. (We eat a LOT of spaghetti. We also wear it. -- EVERY stinkin' time we eat it.)

I didn't buy the fabric, though. Something else won out instead. But ever since seeing that fabric, I have not been able to get it out of my head. So a week or so ago, back I went to the quilt store. They'd moved things all around, so I had to do a serious hunt to find this fabric, but find it I did. Upon coming home, I went chop-chop-chop with my scissors, zipped the fabric through my sewing machine, and out came this:

I bought some dark red ribbon as well. Can't decide which one I like best with this. Any thoughts???

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Mamabelle said...

This is lovely! I really like the dress style and fabric.