Friday, February 19

So Sorry!

It has been AGES (nearly 15 months, actually) since I've posted a . . . POST, and I am shamed by this whenever someone comes by and leaves me a kind comment. So very sorry! Thank you for your interest. It has been a boost that I've needed.

Life has just been busy! What can I say? I have had some things that have seriously preoccupied my time, and I realized that all my crafting needed to take a back burner. But how does something that is so vital to your life remain on a back burner forever? I found myself depressed and frustrated a LOT. So, recently, I have gotten back into sewing, and talk about a lift to the spirits!

The winter season has been long and dreary. But a trip to a local quilting store, as well as a trip to my armoire where all my fabric is stashed, has really brought some color to my soul. I have feasted, and dreamed in pools of color: red, creamy white, and bright-light blue; kelly green and dark brown; light pink and brown. And then I got busy.

See next posts.

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